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Calum's Ceilidh is postponed (was 1 August)

Due many of our SAHC people being away at the moment, we are not able to run this event at this time.

This event is our main fund raiser for the Scots Gaelic course at Sydney University.
We are considering running this event to coincide with the St Andrew's Day weekend, 28-29 November 2015.

What do you think?
Please let us know your thoughts at

[28 July 2015]

Scottish Week 2015 Honoured Guests
Madame Audrey and Alistair Henderson of Fordell
Chief of Clan Henderson

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Melbourne 12, 13 and 14 February 2016

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will appear at the Etihad Stadium, Melbourne on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th (two shows) and an extra show on Sunday 14th February. Tickets went on sale on 25th May on or

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has only ever left Edinburgh Castle three times in its 65 year history: Wellington in 2000, Sydney in 2005 and Sydney in 2010. In 2016 we will be doing a two stop international tour bringing the show to a live audience of up to 265,000 people and a TV audience of over 2 million.

[7 June 2015]


Australian Co-Patrons of the Scottish Australian Heritage Council

The SAHC is proud to announce that The Right Honourable The Earl and Countess of Dunmore, Malcolm and Joy Murray, are the Co-Patrons of the Council.  This builds upon our long relationship with the Murray family. Details are in our April 2015 newsletter.

[3 May 2015]


Have you seen our Frequently Asked Questions?

We have posted some information for you about:
* Australia Tartan
* Scottish Australian flag
* [updated] Who can call themselves a "Laird", "Lord" or "Lady"? (About souvenir plots of land scams)
* Who wears what feathers?
* Legend of the Saltire
* Wearing a tartan sash
* Flowers of the Forest
* What are the jurisdictions of the heraldic authorities?
* The galley in Scottish heraldry
* "Edwin Clement Hosking (1896-1966) - singer, teacher, folklorist" by John Coombs (revised)

[15 May 2015]

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