Ceud Mìle Fàilte
(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

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Impact of COVID-19 virus on Scottish and Celtic events (2020 and 2021)
Covid-19 continues to play havoc with planning for events into early 2021.
State and Local Governments support their local events. However, the uncertainty caused by such a virulent virus, underpinned by not being able to insure events for Covid-19 impacts, especially for our particular community's demographic, is leading to cautious decisions being taken at this time to cancel events (until a vaccine is generally available - late 2021?).

The SAHC will continue to monitor and advise the emerging situation via this website and our Facebook site.

Organisers should send their news about their events to:

Events Cancelled in 2021
We have received advice that the following events have been cancelled:
* Maryborough Highland Gathering, Maryborough, Victoria (1 January)
* Richmond Highland Gathering, Tasmania (21 February)
* Scots Day Out, Bendigo, Victoria (27 February)
* Geelong Highland Gathering, Geelong, Victoria (21 March)
* Australasian Pipe Band Championships, Maryborough, Victoria (April)

Event Planning proceeding for 2021
* Sat 6 March: Liverpool Plains Military Tattoo, Quirindi, New South Wales
* 2-3 April (Easter): Maclean Highland Gathering, Maclean, New South Wales
* Sat 17 April: Bundanoon Highland Gathering, Bundanoon, New South Wales
* 29 April-2 May: Australian Celtic Festival (Ireland & Isle of Man), Glen Innes, New South Wales

[23 October 2020]

Events cancelled in 2020:
The Captain Cook 250th anniversary voyage has been SUSPENDED

Year of Scotland in Australia 2020: CANCELLED

The following events are cancelled:
* Sun 29 March: Ringwood Highland Games & Celtic Festival, Ringwood, Vic
* Sun 29 March: Swan Valley Highland Games, Elmar’s in the Valley, Henley Brook, WA
* Sat 4 April: Bundanoon Highland Gathering, Bundanoon, NSW - Now 17 April 2021
* Sat 4 April: Australian Pipe Band Championships, Maryborough, Vic - Now 10-11 April 2021
* Sun 5 April: Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan in remembrance of the Scottish Radicals, 200th Anniversary
* Mon 6 April: Declaration of Arbroath dinner (SAHC), Sydney, NSW
* Sat 11 April: Maclean Highland Gathering, Maclean, NSW
* Tue 25 April: Anzac Day - Parades nationally and The Scottish Act of Remembrance, Sydney, NSW
* Wed 29 April: Meeting of Two Cultures ceremony, Sutherland Shire, NSW
* Thu 30+ April: Australian Celtic Festival, Glen Innes, NSW
* Sat 2+ May: Australian Celtic Festival, Glen Innes, NSW
* Sat 2 May: Forby Sutherland Ceilidh, Sutherland Shire, NSW
* Sun 3 May: Forby Sutherland Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan, Sutherland Shire, NSW
* Sun 17 May: Parc Menai Celtic Festival, Sutherland Shire, NSW
* Sat 23 May: Berry Celtic Festival, Berry, NSW
* Sat 30 May: Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival, Wingham, NSW
* Fri 6+ June: National Celtic Festival, Portarlington, Vic
* Sun 14 June: Townsville Tartan Day, Townsville, Qld
* Fri 26+ June: Scottish Week, Sydney (SAHC), Sydney, NSW
* Wed 1+ July: Robert Burns Scottish Festival, Camperdown, Vic
* Sat 4 July: Aberdeen Highland Gathering, Aberdeen, NSW
* Sat 11+ July: Melbourne Tartan Festival, Melbourne, Vic
* Sat 25 July: International Tartan Day, Brisbane, Qld
* Sat 8 August: Hunter Valley Highland Games, Saltire Estate, Lovedale, NSW
* 13 -16 August: Scots in the Bush festival, Boondooma Homestead, Boondooma, Qld
* Sat 19 September: Clans on the Coast Celtic Festival, Nelson Bay, NSW
* Sat 10 October: Canberra Highland Gathering, Kambah, ACT
* Sun 4 October: Armadale Highland Gathering and Perth Kilt Run, Armadale, WA
* Sun 1 November: Central Coast Scottish Spectacular, Gosford, NSW
* 6-8 November: Beechworth Celtic Festival, Beechworth, Victoria
* Sat 5 December: Daylesford Highland Gathering, Daylesford, Victoria

[23 October 2020]

SAHC Membership 2020
Please join the SAHC or renew your membership. We value your continuing support for Scottish culture and heritage in Australia.

It is especially important for those organisations/associations that wish to participate in the SAHC's insurance policy program (calendar year commencing on 1 January 2020).

Download one of the forms that is relevant to you either as an individual/family/student or as an organisation/society.

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[26 July 2020]

Have you seen our Frequently Asked Questions?

We have posted some information for you at the FAQ tab about:
* Honoured Guests for Scottish Week
* Australia Tartan
* Scottish Australian flag
* Who can call themselves a 'Laird', 'Lord' or 'Lady'? (about souvenir plots of land schemes)
* Can I fly the Royal Arms of Scotland (the “Lion Rampant”)?
* Who wears what feathers?
* Legend of the Saltire
* Wearing a tartan sash
* Flowers of the Forest
* What are the jurisdictions of the heraldic authorities?
* The galley in Scottish heraldry
* "Edwin Clement Hosking (1896-1966) - singer, teacher, folklorist" by John Coombs (revised)

[19 May 2016]

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