Ceud Měle Fŕilte
(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

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Thank you for a wonderful Scottish Week 2016.

Help Sponsor the Scots Gaelic Course at Sydney University

The Scottish Australian Heritage Council is proud to be associated with the Scots Gaelic course at Sydney University. After some years and hard work by the now retired Prof. Anders Alqhvist and others, including Comunn Gŕidhlig Astrŕilia (the Scottish Gaelic Association of Australia), the course commenced in 2015 under the Sir Warwick Fairfax Professor of Celtic Studies, Head of the Centre for Celtic Studies, Prof. Jonathan Wooding.

The Celtic Studies Foundation has established the Scottish Gaelic Teaching Fund to support the teaching of the course.

Please consider making a tax deductable donation to support the ongoing costs of teaching this language. The form for making a donation is available. Click here to download the Scottish Gaelic Teaching Fund donation form.

[7 December 2015]


Have you seen our Frequently Asked Questions?

We have posted some information for you at the FAQ tab about:
* Australia Tartan
* Scottish Australian flag
* Who can call themselves a "Laird", "Lord" or "Lady"? (About souvenir plots of land scams)
* Can I fly the Royal Arms of Scotland (the “Lion Rampant”)? [NEW]
* Who wears what feathers?
* Legend of the Saltire
* Wearing a tartan sash
* Flowers of the Forest
* What are the jurisdictions of the heraldic authorities?
* The galley in Scottish heraldry
* "Edwin Clement Hosking (1896-1966) - singer, teacher, folklorist" by John Coombs (revised)

[19 May 2016]

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