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SAHC Constitution
SAHC Constitution (2017)
SAHC Membership forms
The SAHC membership forms for (1) Individuals, Families and Students, (2) organisations (clan societies, etc.) can be found at the following tab:
Annual/Special General Meetings: Notices/Minutes
AGM 2020 to held on Thursday 30 January 2020 (6pm)
Castlereagh Hotel, 169 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

To be followed by a Committee meeting. All are welcome to attend these meetings.

AGM 2020 Agenda
AGM 2020 Positions Vacant
AGM 2020 Position Nomination form (fillable)
AGM 2020 Proxy Voting form (fillable)

If you have any business that you wish to raise and be considered at the AGM, especially if a decision is required, please complete the following form:
AGM 2020 Notice of General Business Item form (fillable)

Completed Nominations for positions, notices of General Business Items and Proxy Voting forms must reach the SAHC Secretary by 5pm on Thursday 23 January 2020 to:

either the SAHC's postal address:
   P.O. Box 7310, Kaleen ACT 2617

or the SAHC Secretary’s email:
AGM 2019 held on Monday 11 February 2019
AGM 2019 Agenda
AGM 2019 Positions Vacant
AGM 2019 Position Nomination form (fillable)
AGM 2019 Proxy Voting form (fillable)

AGM 2019 Notice of General Business Item form (fillable)

AGM 2018 minutes
AGM 2018 held on Monday 5 February 2018
AGM 2018 Agenda
AGM 2018 Positions Vacant
AGM 2018 Position Nomination form (fillable)
AGM 2018 Proxy Voting form (fillable)

AGM 2018 Notice of General Business Item form (fillable)

AGM 2017 Draft minutes
AGM 2017 held on Monday 6 March 2017
SGM 2017 Agenda and Special Resolutions
SGM 2017 Proxy Voting form

AGM 2017 Agenda
AGM 2017 Positions Vacant
AGM 2017 Position Nomination form
AGM 2017 Proxy Voting form

AGM 2016 Draft minutes
AGM 2017 President's report on 2016
AGM 2016 held on Monday 8 February 2016
AGM 2016 Agenda
AGM 2016 Positions Vacant
AGM 2016 Position Nomination form
AGM 2016 Proxy Voting form
AGM 2015 held on Monday 9 February 2015
AGM 2015 Agenda
AGM 2015 Positions Vacant
AGM 2015 Position Nomination form
AGM 2015 Proxy Voting form
AGM 2014 held on Monday 10 February 2014
AGM 2014 Positions Vacant
AGM 2013 held on Monday 18 February 2013
AGM 2013 Minutes

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