SAHC Membership

SAHC membership is open to all people of Scottish ancestry (individual or family), clan societies, businesses supporting the Scottish culture, and those who want to support and participate in Scottish Heritage.

For more information email the Membership Secretary:
The forms are in .pdf format, so you will need Acrobat reader.
The form will open up in a new window or tab when you click on the links below.

The forms are created to enable you to fill in the relevant information.
Before you fill in the form, please follow these steps, otherwise the SAHC receives only a blank form:
  1.   download the form to your computer and save it
2.   type your details into the saved form on your computer
3.   save the completed form again to your computer
4.   attach the saved, completed form to your email and send it to:

Membership forms for 2021 (1 January to 31 December)

There are two forms. Please select the correct one for your circumstances.

For Individuals, Families and Students please use the following form:
Click here to download the Individuals, Families and Students Membership Form

For Organisations (Clans and Family Societies, Associations) please use the following form:
Click here to download the Organisations (Clans/Family Societies/Associations) Membership Form

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