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Ceud Mìle Fàilte

(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

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Notice of SAHC 2024 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for 2024 of the Scottish Australian Heritage Council Incorporated will be held accordance with Clause 48 of the SAHC’s Constitution on
Sunday 21 April 2024 2.00pm (Aus Eastern Time) via a Zoom internet meeting.

All Members are welcome.

To request the zoom link for the meeting, please email:

AGM documents and SAHC Constitution are posted on the website at:
this link to the SAHC Council documents webpage.

Nominations for positions and Life Members must be emailed to the SAHC by 5pm on Sunday 7 April 2024.

Notices of general business that need a motion voted upon at the AGM must be emailed to the SAHC by 5pm on Sunday 31 March 2024.

Carol Budlong
Hon. Secretary
18 March 2024

[18 March 2024]

SAHC 2024 Membership fees

The SAHC Executive has announced that the membership fees for 2024 will not change form 2023.

  • Individuals: $20
  • Families: $25
  • Students (with proof): $10
  • Clans and Family Societies/Associations: $25

  • The Membership renewal/new application form is now available at
    this link to the SAHC Membership webpage
    If you are having difficulties with eithe rof these forms, please contact the Membership Secretary at:

    [16 December 2023]

    SAHC insurance update & Membership Fees for Clan & Family Associations

    The SAHC has received updated information from its insurers for our 2024 FY (1 January to 31 December 2024). The new rates for SAHC members are:
  • Public Liability: $152
  • Volunteers/Workers: $66 (volunteers are covered from 16 years to under 95 years)
  • SAHC Clan Membership: $25.

  • The Membership renewal/new application form is now available at
    this link to the SAHC Membership webpage

    [14 November 2023]

    Change of SAHC's postal address

    The SAHC has changed its postal address for the receipt of paper-based documents where they cannot be sent to our general email address, for example, membership and insurance forms, clan and society newsletters. These paper documents should be sent to the following address:
    9/61 Yeo Street, Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia.

    [25 May 2023]

    Your 2023 SAHC Committee (Annual General Meeting)

    The SAHC's Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 21 May 2023 (via zoom).

    Life Memberships were awarded to:
    Malcolm Murray, The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Dunmore, Patron of the SAHC
    Pauline Finlay and Bruce Finlay

    Committee election results:
    President: Malcolm Buchanan
    Deputy President, Treasurer, Public Officer: Nea MacCulloch
    Vice President (Tartan Officer): Susan Cooke
    Vice President (History): Prof. Sybil Jack
    Vice President (Clans Liaison): Geoff Davidson
    Secretary, Director Publicity: Carol Budlong
    Membership Secretary: Judy Buchanan
    Director Media Production: Stephen Hope
    History Consultant: Lorna Barrow
    Heraldry Consultant: Mal Edmiston
    Highland Dancing Liaison: Liz Munro
    Genealogy Consultant, Annual Program Editor: Barbara Gurney
    General committee: Mal Nicolson, Ian Young, Susan Wanless.

    [25 May 2023]

    Have you seen our Frequently Asked Questions ?

    We have posted some information for you at the FAQ tab above about:
    * SAHC Life Members
    * Honoured Guests for Scottish Week
    * Australia Tartan
    * Scottish Australian flag
    * Who can call themselves a 'Laird', 'Lord' or 'Lady'? (about souvenir plots of land schemes)
    * Can I fly the Royal Arms of Scotland (the "Lion Rampant")?
    * Who wears what feathers?
    * Legend of the Saltire
    * Wearing a tartan sash
    * Flowers of the Forest
    * What are the jurisdictions of the heraldic authorities?
    * The galley in Scottish heraldry
    * "Edwin Clement Hosking (1896-1966) - singer, teacher, folklorist" by John Coombs (revised).

    [17 December 2021]